Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Pas Facile

Falling in love is easy. Those days when you feel like you've found the perfect one, the one who makes you smile for no reason and motivates to continue your day. Those feelings when you just can't wait to see that person and spend time with him. However, to keep on falling in love with that person for years is not as easy as falling.

For me, the same thing applies to when I started blogging. With all the modern facilities available, it is easy for someone to start up a blog, but staying committed and updating it regularly is not. Some might have similar setbacks like me, school, work, technical problem, and many more. These reasons might sound like excuses to some people, well, all I can say is that it's easier said than done.

Anyways, as you might notice, I am wearing a cami top from Piazza Italia. Surabaya is just way too hot these days and I found wearing it as the perfect top to wear for brunch with my friends. It is very recommended for all of you to visit its newly opened store in Grand City Surabaya to check out on this tank in different colors.

Lukas - Kezia - Me - Nadya

Photos courtesy of Lukas Atmaja


  1. celananya sukaaa <3


  2. Amazing bag!

  3. I like your jeans, where do you get that ??

  4. Love this! Hope you’ll enter my L’Occitane giveaway:

    xo Kat

  5. I love your heels, so classy look. It would be perfect to my black knee length dress and lace tops.